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Even though Americans spoke out time and time again at town hall meetings and organized peaceful protest events, the politicians continued to not listen to the people. The attitude Americans saw back in response from many of the politicians to these protests was "We are special…we are the chosen ones…we are the politicians. Many of us are attorneys with Ivy League educations. We know best, not you.

You are simple little farmers, laborers, small business owners and oh dare I say it, hockey moms. So sit back and let us handle this, ok? You keep working in your little jobs and businesses and keep sending us your money. We know best how to spend it not you, because after all, you are just the "masses" and we are the "chosen ones" with Ivy League educations. After all, those of you protesting are few and you don't represent America.You are small in numbers and have no effect." “We The People’s” answer to them is WRONG! It is YOU that work for US and it is "We The People" who know BEST, not politicians! We spoke out at town halls and you didn't listen. We then took to the streets in DC in record numbers and you still didn't listen. We then voted in record amount of conservatives in the 2010 midterm elections and you still won't listen. And to top things off, you pushed, bribed politicians and rammed Government run health care down American's throats even though poll after poll showed the far majority of Americans were against it. And you also are going to continue to bail out selected companies from their failures so you can maintain government control over them in the future. In short, you haven't listened to a word we have said. You are advancing the most radical policies ever in the history of the USA in spite of what the majority of Americans are saying. Ok, we get the picture.

Now it's own turn. Now we are going to prove to you who really runs this country.........the PEOPLE! We will begin by taking action starting next election day November 2, 2010. "We The People" are going to gather in record numbers you never imagined possible to remind you how this country was founded over 230 years ago. It won't stop there though as that is only just the beginning. Every election from here on out, we will make every Congressman/woman and every Senator understand that "We The People" are your employers and we are going to watch every action you make and expose the good and the bad so the people can make informed decisions and decide. You and your liberal media keep asking us "who is your leader", I expect you do this constantly so you can try to tear them down with personal attacks as you have done many.

The dirty little secret is, our leader is ALL OF US, We The People! The Constitution isn't titled "We The George Washington" or "We The Thomas Jefferson", it is titled "We The People" and that is our true leader, US! That is also why you cannot defeat us. You can continue to call us whatever name you like, but the people see through this tactic now of personal attacks. We do have to thank you politicians all for something have awakened a SLEEPING GIANT!

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