Tea Party Racing - Mission Statment

Mission Statment

About TeaPartyRacing.com NASCAR Camping World Truck Series #89

TeaPartyRacing.com is a world-class grassroots organization, fully committed to being competitive within NCWTS.

As a dynamic and patriotic race team, TeaPartyRacing.com, attracts fans from all walks of life through participation in NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Events.
TeaPartyRacing.com is a mission-driven organization. The mission components are designed around:

  • representing the people (through sponsorship opportunities), 
  • sharing in racing achievements, and
  • restoring the importance of understanding the Constitution for America’s future.  

The diversity of the TheTeaParty.net, Tea Partiers’ and Race Fans allows the team to excel both on the racetrack as well as participate in a wide variety of activities and rallies that extend outside of the racetrack.
Racing for patriotism will connect us with the attendees, the sponsors, and The TeaParty.net. TeaPartyRacing.com is based on traditional principles that build strong character. Successful implementation of these principles ensures secure management of the team.
TeaPartyRacing.com is dedicated to excellence in fulfilling its commitment to Fans/Sponsors. We welcome the opportunity to become a vehicle for knowledge and representation and to push the people’s voice to first place!
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